Residential Recycling

If you are a Chaffee County Waste customer, all materials that are recyclable can be placed in a separate, marked bag and set out with your normal trash pickup. Either two 13 gallon bags OR one 32 gallon bag per customer, per pickup are allowed. We partner with Bestway Recycle, GFL also known as Green for Life, see their Material Recover Facility to learn more about what happens with your recycle.

Our drivers will not take bags that are too heavy and might rip, or are already ripped, when we arrive for pickup. If the bags is ripped badly enough that it might tear when lifted and become scattered trash, the driver has the call to throw the item away as trash. It is up to the driver’s discretion upon arrival at your home to make this call. If you wish for the bag to not be thrown away when ripped – please contact us so that we can make a request on your route card information to leave the torn bag.

We do not re-bag any recyclables, under any circumstances.

If you wish to help us with this, we request that you purchase a small trash can and label the can with an “R”, and place your bags in it. You Must Still Label Your Bags with an R – No Exceptions! We believe this will lessen the issues our customers have with their recyclables.

The Following Items May Be Recycled:

Aluminum Cans
Brown Paper Bags
Empty Aerosol Cans
Glass Bottles & Jars
Junk Mail & Magazines
Office Paper
Paperboard (cereal & tissue boxes)
Plastics (#1-7 only)
Tin Cans

All recyclables must be bagged and securely tied tightly. Place Recycle bags at least 3-4 feet away from normal trash containers. With a note or tag on the bag stating “RECYCLE”

We ARE NOT taking any Shredded Paper, Cardboard (due to volume), Phone Books, Styrofoam, or Plastic Bags (examples: Walmart, Safeway, or City Market plastic grocery bags)

If these items are found in the recycle bags we will be giving you one courtesy call to notify you that you are not allowed this. If it continues then we will have to flag your card with a NO RECYCLE PICKUP ALLOWED on it.

Simply bag your recyclables and place them in close proximity (within 3-4 feet) of your normal trash. Our drivers have been trained to know that these bags are recyclables.


1.  Please make sure your recycled bags are securely tighten and labeled.  If not, then the bags will be left; they will not be picked up by our drivers.

2. Do not overfill bags so heavily that the bags tear!

3.  When we arrive if your bag appears to have been attacked by birds, squirrels, or other wildlife (obvious tears and/or rips) we will discard that bag as trash.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not want you to come home to scattered trash.

All of our recyclables are handled by Bestway Recycling Center in Colorado Springs.

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