Teller County Waste and Chaffee County Waste take pride in our construction services.  We can fulfill both temporary and permanent needs.  Whether you are a professional contractor or a home owner, we can meet your needs of all projects ranging from a large construction project to a small remodeling project.

The Container to Suit Your Needs

Big or small, we have a container to suit your particular need.  We carry containers from 10 yards to 40 yards and our drivers are professional and courteous to provide you with prompt delivery and pickup.

Competitive Rates

When you call us, you will see that we have the most competitive rates and our Commercial Services Specialists will be able to give you expert advice to help you decide which style and size of container will best fit your needs.

Remember Teller County Waste & Chaffee County Waste for all of your construction needs.

Roll-Off Sizes

*rolloff needs 14ft by 11ft for clearance*

Container Size
Max. Weight Allowed
Container Dimensions(approx. – tapered)
2 Tons
12ft  long x 7ft  wide x 5ft tall
3 Tons
12ft long x 7ft wide x 5 1/2ft tall
4 Tons
14ft long x 7ft wide x 5 1/2ft tall
6 Tons
22ft long x 7ft wide x 6ft tall
6 Tons
22ft long x 7ft wide x 8ft tall
22ft long x 7ft wide x 3 1/2ft tall