Residential Septic Pumping Service

Mr. Pots is delighted to introduce residential septic pumping to the list of services it provides in Teller, Chaffee, Park and Lake counties.

A septic tank should be inspected annually to check for needed repairs and pumped as needed, usually every 3 to 5 years, but will be dependent on the number of people in the household, and the amount and type of solids.

Some alternative systems that are more complex may need pumping more frequently. If you are unsure if your tank needs pumping, have it inspected and get a recommendation for how many years you can go between pumping. Write this schedule down on a maintenance chart or where you keep your maintenance records and stick to it!

Example rates for residential septic pumping. Pricing may vary depending on the size, type, location and accessibility of your tank:

1000-gallon septic tank: $360.00

1250-gallon septic tank: $410.00

1500-gallon septic tank: $460.00

2000-gallon septic tank: $560.00

2500-gallon septic tank: $660.00

Don't let this happen with your septic tank!
Don't let this happen with your septic tank!