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We want to thank your for your interest in Teller County Waste. For more than 20 years we have provided our community with donations and sponsorships. Please help us serve you and the community better by submitting your application according to the following guidelines.

1. Complete the Teller County Waste Donation and Sponsorship Request Form.
2. Submit application no later than 30 days before date of requested support.
3. Submit only one application.

Please understand, applications which do not meet these three requirements will automatically be declined.

Thank you for your application.

Any questions about completing the form should be forwarded to: customerservice@periniassociates.com


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Teller County Waste

Teller County Waste (TCW) started in 1994 with one truck and has grown into a full service operation expanding into Chaffee County while still maintaining its family and community oriented focus.

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1000 S. West Street
Woodland Park, CO 80863


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