Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing us as your trash provider. We value and appreciate your business and look forward to serving you. Here are some FAQs that may be helpful before you call.

When Will My Trash Be Picked Up?

We ask that you place your trash at the end of your driveway before 7:00 AM on your scheduled pick-up day.

What are My Responsibilities?

We ask that all your trash be BAGGED for health & environmental reasons. This also helps keep your trash from blowing away on windy days. It is your responsibility to provide unrestricted access to your containers –including snow removal. You are responsible for any loss or damages to our containers that are provided for your use. You are not allowed to paint or alter our containers in anyway..

What Happens if I Miss My Pick Up Day?

We will be happy to pick up your missed trash on you NEXT scheduled pick up day. If you need to have it picked up before this day – this is considered an OUT OF ROUTE PICK UP and there is an additional charge for this service.

How Much Trash Can I Set Out?

Your service allows up to 100 gallons of trash (residential)
This is equal to (3) 32 gallon black trash bags (example)
Additional bags are charged $1.00 for small bag or $2.00 per large bag (maximum of 5 without scheduling a special pick-up)
Additional items will be assessed & charged accordingly.
Call ahead for any large item pick-ups, as some will require pre-payment. Items not allowed include scrap lumber & metal, refrigerants, hazardous waste items, asbestos, chemicals, batteries, oil, paint, tires, corrosive items, explosive, flammable, radioactive, or volatile items. Concrete, dirt, tile, rock, brick, asphalt shingles, manure and other excessively heavy items are also not allowed. Refrain from lighting fires or placing hot ashes in our containers.

What if My Trash Can’t Be Picked Up Due To Bad Weather?

We will pick it up on your next scheduled pick up day.

Will My Account Be Credited For My Missed Trash?

NO- we do not credit accounts due to weather, we will take double the trash at your next pick up day.

Holiday Pick Up?

We run all holidays except for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.

What Happens if My Account Becomes Past Due?

We are extending you credit for service. If your account goes past due, you need to contact the office to make payment arrangements. If your account falls behind 60 days the account will be SUSPENDED. If no payment is received within 10 days of suspension it will be CLOSED and turned over to collections. If the account is allowed to REOPEN– then there is a $10.00 fee assessed.

Can I Cancel My Trash Service at Any Time?

Absolutely! We have only three simple conditions:
1) That you give us notice – We Do Not Give Partial Month Refunds
2) That you either call our office or put your request in writing
3) That you settle your outstanding balance at the time you request closing. If there is a balance and payment is not made the balance will be turned over to collections for non-payment.

Please call us if you have any questions at:
Teller County Waste 719.686.7517

Thank You. We appreciate your business!

Teller County Waste

Teller County Waste (TCW) started in 1994 with one truck and has grown into a full service operation expanding into Chaffee County while still maintaining its family and community oriented focus.

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